About Cactus


About Cactus


Brusseleirs with a passion
for the city and the bicycle


Our guided bike tours combine the city's highlights with our own favourite spots. We guide you along the less beaten tracks and make you look  from a different perspective to the city. During our tours you discover what's going on behind the scenes of this fascinating and complex city. Register here for one of our tours:


Weekend tours

With our fixed offer of weekend tours our guides give you every Friday and Saturday a best of Brussels. Note: no ordinary style guided bike tours with tour guide monologues here! We prefer the less well-beaten tracks and bring you to surprising spots in the city.

Custom Tour

We prefer to make a customized guided bike tour for groups, in order to create a richer and more immersive experience. During a custom tour we encourage the interaction between the group, the guide, the city and its residents. Organisations and companies can also contact Cactus for a customized offer.


Through our projects we stimulate people from Brussels to use and share their ideas, stories and passions to inspire others. By cycling, we create new encounters and invite participants to explore the city from a different angle.


Enthusiastic guides!

Our enthusiastic guides love to share there passion for Brussels with tourist groups,
young people, commuters, expats or Brusseleirs.


Weekend tours

Weekend tours


Discover Brussels with Cactus
every Friday and Saturday


Do you want to discover Brussels by bicycle? During the weekend tours, one of our guides will take you as part of a small group to surprising places and explore the less beaten tracks of the capital of Belgium and Europe. Surprise yourself and book this tour now!


Weekend Tour

Weekend tours are a fascinating introduction to Brussels and its diversity of neighbourhoods. Our guides offer you a perfect mix between Brussels highlights such as the Marolles, the Fish Market, the Courthouse and less obvious places that will give you a surprising view of the city. We put the bicycles aside at the halfway point to take a small break in a cosy bar or on one of the many terraces. And who knows, maybe we’ll even have an unexpected encounter with a Brussels resident!

To register, check the dates on our calender below and submit the form with your contact details, the date of your weekend tour, etc. We’ll confirm your registration a.s.a.p.


Friday & Saturday from February until November.


From 13h30 to 17h00.

Meeting point at Place de la Bourse, Brussels.


Weekend tours are in English. If you wish to take a tour in another language check our custom tours


18 € p.p. with your own bicycle and 25 € p.p. with bicycle rental included


Calender & registration form

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Custom tour

Custom tour

Create a tour customized for your group of friends, family, organisation or company.


Customized and à la carte

Cactus brews the tour of your dreams! Tell us your wishes through the request form and we’ll create a customized tour for your group.

Friends and family 

Do you plan an excursion to Brussels with family or friends? Tell us when you want to take a tour with us and indicate the number of people that will participate in the request form. Together we can decide on the date, departure time, topics and language of the guided tour. Once decided we’ll search a guide who suits your group best.

Companies and organisations

Do you want to discover Brussels, its neighbourhoods and residents? To be inspired by the incomprehensible and surprising character of the city? Or maybe just live a different experience together with your colleagues in the European capital? Contact us for more information or a free offer and we will be happy to brew a challenging customized bicycle tour for your organisation or company.


A custom tour for your group can be organized throughout the year

On average a custom tour takes about 3,5 hours. Together we decide on the departure time of the tour

Guided tours in Dutch, French, English, Spanish or German

A custom tour for family and friends: € 20 p.p. with your own bicycle, € 27 p.p. with bicycle rental included


For organisations and companies we make a non binding offer customized to your specific request.

Click here for our terms and conditions.

Request form

Book a tour or ask for an offer through our request form.




Cactus is always looking for new perspectives to explore the potential of the city and its residents.


Through our projects we create new connections in Brussels, as well as between locals and visitors of the city. We encourage Brussels residents to inspire others with their stories. How? By facilitating encounters and connecting people during our bicycle tours. Book one of our project tours now and get a different view on the city. Or maybe you have an idea for an ambitious project: let us know!


Rickshaw Bxl

Rickshaw Bxl brings together several rickshaw initiatives in the Brussels Capital Region. They all have in common that they create unexpected encounters and celebrate slowness in the city!


D’Broej on tour

D’Broej together with Cactus launched a project of bicycle tours guided by young Brussels residents. We coached these youngsters to guide groups in their neighbourhoods in Brussels, Molenbeek or Anderlecht.

They show their favourite spots and offer an alternative view on their daily life and the city as a whole. The places you will discover with these young people is also a perfect occasion to start an interesting dialogue.

In this way D’broej on tour creates an enriching exchange between young people and participants on topics like education, religion, sports and urban challenges. 

More information? Click here


More info?

Do you want to book one of our project tours or do you have a proposal for an ambitious project? Get in touch: info@cactus.brussels


Metro 5, moving people, moving stories.

Metro5 is an initiative of Odisee (College University Brussels). It is an ambitious project realised with several partners, including Cactus. Metro line 5 cuts trough Brussels from west to east, and it takes exactly 28 stops to cross a mix of very diverse neighbourhoods, typical for Brussels. Exactly this diversity of Brussels, its people and their stories Metro5 wants to highlight during their guided bicycle tours. 

In the framework of the Metro5 project, Cactus developed several guided bike tours above Metro line 5. Do you want to taste the diversity of neighbourhoods and discover surprising places and inspiring stories above this metro line? Contact us for more information.